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In order to make it easy for me to update the letters page, it is not structured like the FAQ where similar subjects are grouped together. But, hopefully, it should be fun to browse.

please note: Any recipes mentioned in the letters below are no longer available on this website. So my answers do not refer to the free recipes currently showing on The Curry House. The letters and my replies are here for information only.

doubling the Madras recipe

to bhaji or not to bhaji

I promised to make curry for 20 people, help!

asking for ingredients by the right name in an Asian shop

yoghurt curdling in the curry sauce

making my quick curry for 12 people instead of 2

colouring curries: beetroot powder vs. food colouring

is it worth buying or even using garam masala

an avid curry eater in search of information about Patia curries

the curry you get in fish and chip shops

what vegetables are best to use in curries

cannot find Bird Eye chillies in the shops

dry roasted cumin seed

very rude letter; very tetchy reply

putting cheese in curries

essay on the origins and true nature of Balti

authenticity of restaurant curries

getting the meat in curries to taste spicy

problems with curry sauce burning in the pan

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