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A.D.wrote :
Is the web site something that bores you? Nope. What bores me is getting ignorant messages like this from rude people like you. This isn't intended to sound rude Well you failed. It most certainly is the rudest letter I have ever received since November 1996 when I started the Web site. but the content of your site hasn't changed for sometime. I am sure that with the impact that the internet has as a whole, the responsibility of it's content is up to people such as yourself. Responsibility???? What !!!! Responsibility to whom? I maintain the Web site in my spare time as I mention several times in the site. I have responsiblity to my family and work. If people enjoy my site that's great; I get a lot of satisfaction from that. But they enjoy my site on my terms. If you had paid a subscription then, yes, it would be my responsibility to update the site regularly. But its free! So I do it when I get time and I've had virtually no free time over the summer. You obviously have no idea how long it takes to put a Web site together and maintain it. Co-incidentally I received a very understanding message this week from which I'll quote :- "Dear David, first congratulations on operating one of very few websites that I keep coming back to; having put a few sites together I know how much work it must have taken!" If it wasn't for messages like that I might take yours more seriously and say "sod it, if they are going to be like that I'll close the site down". By this I mean that if you don't alter the content then people will no longer visit. Well, most people seem to be a lot more tolerant than you. Most visitors understand that The Curry House is a labour of love, not profit, and bear with me when I don't update the site as often as I'd like to. My visitor figures are the highest now that they have ever been. I snipped your next little lecture on the obligations of Web site owners; you carried on by saying: I am sick of reading about the 1998 Ethnic food show, surely there has been one or two more recent ones that could have been reported from. Hah! This made me laugh as it's the most ignorant bit of your message. I am astonished that you feel you can write in this manner to a complete stranger. If you're sick of it go somewhere else; don't whinge at me. The funniest bit is that I did exactly what you are demanding back in June. If you had bothered to look properly you would see that the link from the home page is to my review of the 2000 Ethnic Foods show which I put up on the Web site on 22 June. So have a little more patience and understanding. If it's more recipes you're after then you'll have to wait for the book (if I ever get time to write it). But then you'll have to buy it - it won't be free like the Web site.

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