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Patrick Shafe wrote :
Last night I tried your 'quick curry' dish for the first time and with fantastic results - my local take away will be very upset. Excellent. Glad you liked the recipe I'm buying my curry ingredients from Brick Lane which is fantastic, but I've been surprised that no one seemed to know what Bengal Gram or Fenugreek Leaves were. Are these ingredients known any other names? They are the English names. Try ... chana dhal for bengal gram methi leaves for fenugreek leaves (it's pronounced met-hee, well, sort of !!) p.s. I know you're not doing any more recipes, but having just travelled in Nepal for a month or two, my wife and I got a great taste for Dal-Bhat. Do you know any good websites where I can replicate this dish No sorry. I'm very out of date as regards other peoples sites. You might try the Big Boys Curry Book at: http://users.eggconnect.net/akitson/fvbbcb.htm he has some authentic recipes and, in any case, it's a nice site.

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