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PWM64 wrote :
My friend-I am impressed and pleased to see this page-a connection I made through the GMTV website-but I think you should perhaps know that Baltistan is a place-it exists just there by Pakistan.It is,in reality, from there that the term 'Balti' originates and through the English/Western concept of making curries and a commercial enterprise to uplift a downfall in consumer choice in the region of Indian cooking, seen I suppose (however misguided) as downmarket...has become a popular ideal.The concept of a rich sauce for the basis of many a 'Balti' is so far from the truth-and one that is already practiced by many restaraunts,ie:Tandories etc.. anyhow for their regular curries-it's a shame they have to resort to such advertising to regain their custom-Balti,like so many authentic dishes aren't really called for in the consumer line as the procerss is rather unimaginative-Tibetan/chinese in origin and consist mainly of local produce thrown together in a wok....however-long live indian food and Balti-is what I say.....

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