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Kath wrote :
I hope you don't mind me asking, but what veggies would you suggest for a good savory curry? and should I pre- cook them etc? It just a matter of personal taste. Practically anything. My favourites are aubergines, potatoes, okra and spinach. Of those I would only pre-cook aubergines. The unripe things you get in supermarkets have a horrible "squeeky" texture unless fully cooked. I cut the aubergines into wedges, sprinkle salt over them in a colander, leave to drain off any bitter juices for 30 minutes, wash in cold water and dry with kitchen paper, then fry them in oil until browned. Now this will often NOT completely cook them but if you fry further you either need a massive amount of oil or they mash up in the pan. What I do next is to microwave the aubergine pieces until tender then add to the curry at the end of the cooking. But try anything you like - cauliflower is good, green beans are good, you can even stir fry Chinese type greens with curry spices.

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