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Pete wrote :
I go a bomb on the curry sold in Fish and Chip shops. Oh I am sorry. What sort of accident was it that destroyed your taste buds? (just kidding! each to his own.) Can you tell me (1) What make of curry it is ? (2) Where can I buy the ingredients ? It is sure to have come from a catering jar or a dry mix so the ingredients will be a mystery but probably include plenty of artificial colouring, flavouring and preservatives and probably MSG (flavour enhancer) As to make I honestly don't know. It is bound to vary from chip shop to chip shop. Each one will have their own favourite. Your best bet is to go along with a card holder to your nearest Cash and Carry and see the range of catering packs they sell. Go for the one with the largest shelf space. Even better why don't you just ask the owner of the chippy? Then you can go to the Cash and Carry and buy a huge jar yourself. Or ask your friendly chippy owner to get you some. That should keep you going for what? About a week?

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