Spicy Food Companies

This section isn't an attempt to log all the South Asian food companies in the UK. What you will find here is a list of companies who either have websites of general interest to the curry fan or whose products I've tasted and really liked or who have been kind enough to supply information to The Curry House for an article. All the companies are worth a visit whatever the reason they are included here.


Spices of India This friendly mail order company has the biggest range of spices and groceries I have come across online. Not only do they sell my favourite chilli powder, MDH Deggi Mirch, but they also stock Peacock brand Kasoori Methi (fenugreek leaves) which is the best you will find in the UK. For those curry fans with long memories they even sell that born-again rarity, Bombay Duck (crispy dried fish).  

Hot Headz The UK's largest stockist of specialist, authentic chilli sauces, salsas, mustards and marinades (and a nice bunch of people to boot). I recommend their Bhut Jolokia Naga Chilli Sauce. Although the sauce is extremely hot, as you'd expect from that particular chilli variety, the fruity flavour of the chillies shines right through the heat. Mmmmm.  

Steenbergs Organic So, you go to the trouble of making your curry with organic chicken but what if your spices were grown with the help of half a gallon of chemicals? Worry no longer. Steenbergs are dedicated to sourcing organic and Fairtrade spices.  

Natco Online Natco are importers and packers of spices, herbs, rice, dhal, chutneys and all kinds of Asian foodstuffs. I have always found their products to be of the highest quality and you can now buy direct from Natco through their own online shop.  

Peppers by Post Dorset Naga. Need I say more?  

Bolst's Indian Condiments The well known Indian condiment manufacturer has been in the spice business since 1932. Their world famous curry powder in the familiar blue tin has been a staple in British households for as long as I can remember. I use Bolst's curry powder in soups and kedgerees.  

Noon If you've ever bought a chilled curry from a supermarket then the chances are it was made by Noon. They make an astonishing one million chilled and frozen ready-made Indian meals every month. The founder, Sir Gulam Noon, was knighted in 2002.  

Tilda Producers of top quality pure Basmati rice. Their website has all sorts of interesting facts and info on Basmati rice including some recipes.  

TandooriQ So you want your own tandoor in your garden? No problem. This enterprising company imports domestic sized tandoori ovens direct from India. Check out the video on their website to see how it's done.  

Tikka Gold Not, as you might think, a company making chicken tikka but a beer-to-go-with-curry company. Tikka Gold is my favourite beer to accompany spicy food.  

Wine for Spice If you prefer wine with your curry but can never find a wine that is suitable then Wine for Spice can help you out. They produce 3 wines designed to accompany curries and other spicy food - a rosé, a pale dry white and a golden medium white. All 3 wines are naturally semi-sparkling.