Dhal and Meat Curry

by G.L.R (Mrs G. L. Routleff)

The recipe is taken from The Economical Cookery Book (For India) which was first published in Lucknow in 1913.


Put three quarters of a large tea-cup of dhal, cleaned and washed, in three cups of boiling water, and boil till the grains are soft.

Strain the pulp through a coarse towel or a bit of curtain net, saving the gravy.

The mussalas to be ground are, one dessert-spoon of roasted and husked coriander, half a tea-spoon of jeera [cumin seed], half a tea-spoon pepper corns, four red chillies, six cloves garlic, one square inch of fresh ginger, one and a half inch turmeric.

Warm a table-spoon of ghee [clarified butter], and brown a sliced onion in it, then the mussalas, add half a seer [467g] of fat mutton or beef cut into one inch pieces, when both are nicely browned add the dhal pulp with salt to taste; have a very slow fire, and let the meat, etc. cook gently for ten minutes, then pour in the dhal gravy, and as much warm water as is needed to cook the meat, and form gravy.

Simmer the curry till the meat becomes tender. No acid is needed.