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Carry That Curry!
5th March 2004
I came across Nicholas Sercombe in, of all places, the House of Commons. We were both attending a reception for the launch of the International Indian Chef of the Year Competition. Anyway, we got chatting and it turned out that he is the owner of something called The Dry Bag Company.

Carry That Curry       What on earth is a "dry bag" you may ask. The opposite of "wet bag" I suppose but therein lies a clue. How many times have you gone to collect an Indian takeaway and ended up with a puddle of yellow oil seeping through the bottom of the bag? Or, even worse, got home to find that your curry is decidedly lukewarm?

Well, salvation is at hand with a product that Nicholas Sercombe calls "Carry That Curry". Carry That Curry is a water-tight insulated bag which, when full, will stand up straight on its broad base to avoid toppling over when your car turns a corner.

Now, we at The Curry House are not in the habit of believing everything we're told (even by a nice chap like Nicholas) so we decided to put a Carry That Curry bag to the test.

I live out in the sticks but that has one big disadvantage for a curry fan like me. The nearest Indian takeaway is a 10 minute drive away and they don't deliver. And that's just the nearest takeaway. If I want to sample the delights of my favourite takeaway we are talking about a 20 minute drive each way.

Just imagine your lovely curry coming steaming hot straight from the restaurant kitchen. Now imagine it 20 minutes later - barely warm and as appetising as, well, curry for breakfast! You then have to wait another 15 minutes writhing in hungry agony while your curry re-heats in the oven.

Let's re-play that scene. Your curry comes piping hot straight from the restaurant kitchen and you pop it into one of these magic bags. On the way home you notice a teasing little aroma escaping from the bag but not enough to make your car smell of curry the next day. So far so good. Some 20 minutes later you open the seal on your Carry That Curry bag. The first thing that hits you is the enticing smells wafting up from the bag. Promising. You peer into the bag and notice that the sharp bends on the journey home have taken their toll and caused a small pool of oil to collect in the bottom of the bag. But the bag has stopped the oil leaking out onto your car's carpet. Even better. Remove your takeaway cartons from the bag and, ouch, they're still hot. Very good. Serve your curry right away and enjoy a hot meal as if had just been brought over to your table by the waiter. Full marks!

So, the Carry That Curry bag passed our test. Now where do you get one? At the moment you can't unless you want to buy in bulk. You'll need to persuade your local restaurant to contact the Dry Bag Company and order a load. In the future though the company has plans to sell them direct to the public. We'll report on that when it happens. In the mean time I'm just hoping that Nicholas doesn't want his samples back!

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