Summer Sizzler

kebab rack        Put those plain old sausages and boring supermarket burgers back on the shelf. Go for something spicy instead for your summer sizzler.

We have gathered together our favourite spicy barbecue recipes and brought in the experts to help you to cook perfect summer food.

The experts at Planet Barbecue share their foolproof method of getting the barbecue to light in the first place. Also, they tell us how to cook over charcoal without the food ending up looking like charcoal.

We give our top tips on the marinades, pastes and glazes which will give your food that extra special spicy flavour.

Planet Barbecue's tips on how to barbecue successfully

The Curry House's tips on marinades & cooking kebabs


Malai Paneer Kebabs
creamy vegetarian kebabs (equally good if made with chicken)

Jhinga Kebabs
king prawns (large shrimps) in a sweet and sour marinade

Boti Kebabs
chunks of chicken or lamb marinated with herbs and spices

Chilli & Mango Chicken Wings
chicken wings with a hot and sweet glaze

Shami Kebabs
minced lamb and herb patties

more recipes in Quick Meals from The Curry House

Chicken Tikka
the basis of chicken tikka masala but delicious on its own

Tandoori-style Chicken
our own tried and tested recipe for cooking tandoori chicken in a domestic oven

Seekh Kebabs
spicy minced lamb moulded into a sausage shape around a skewer

Chicken Shashlik Bhuna
Chicken Shashlik Bhuna is a fusion of two well-known dishes - the shashlik and the bhuna.


The Cooking Colonel of Madras by David Smith